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Awesome! I'm so happy you like the site. If you want to give something in return (not necessarily your money!) then click "help me out".

About PhotoWalkthrough

PhotoWalkthrough offers free online video tutorials teaching photography, photoshop and lightroom. From time to time we also feature some product reviews and photography news. 

Photography is 50% art, 50% science. I'll help you learn both!

Here at PhotoWalkthrough you'll find more than just short photoshop tips. I want to show you the complete process of taking an image from your camera right through to completion - something you can hang on your wall and be proud of. I talk a lot about composition and how you can guide the eye with your photography and your post processing.

All our tutorials are free

Shows are typically around 15 minutes long and you can download them for free by clicking the download links in the posts or by subscribing to the podcast in iTunes. You can also just watch the shows directly in your browser if you wish.

How do you make money?

Yeah I should really figure that out sometime shouldn't I. I do make a little from YouTube ads but not much - certainly not enough to pay for the time and money I put into running PhotoWalkthrough. I do have some promo codes so if you've found PhotoWalkthrough useful and want to give back somehow then the best way would be to use a promo code or blog or tweet about PhotoWalkthrough. I'd be delighted if you wanted to do any or all of those things.

Who are you?

My name is John Arnold and I'm a geek. I have a pretty strong science, technology and gadget interest but like so many geeks I felt a strong urge to exercise my creative and artistic side and that's how I started in photography. I moved from a programming job into web design and learned a lot about graphic design and typography. Even as a kid I always wanted to be a scientist *and* an artist. I wanted to draw and paint and I've always had cameras. My photography interest took flight when the first affordable digital cameras appeared and I've never looked back. I have no photography qualifications but I'm not completely self taught. I've been lucky enough to make friends with a wide bunch of very talented photographers through making PhotoWalkthrough and through teaching.

My interest in photography is very broad. I like to play with as many styles as I can. I originally started, as many do, with landscape and scenic photography but I've enjoyed portraiture, sports photography, product photography, weddings and events photography and many more disciplines.

I'm an Adobe Community Professional, which means I do have some connections within Adobe but I do not speak for them. I chose to apply for Adobe Community Professional because I have always believed in their products but now that the Creative Cloud pricing is set at a very reasonable level I also believe in their pricing and sales model.

I love teaching what I know.

Do you run workshops or classroom training?

Yes and I love doing them! I'm a master in The Arcanum which is a training academy kicked off by the amazing travel photographer Trey Ratcliffe. In the Arcanum the masters choose their apprentices and form small close knit groups that work together and help each other. And of course it means lots of direct access to me and the other cohort members when you have questions or need inspiration.

I also work with a small company in Wales called Welshot to put on regular events in both daytimes and evenings. From time to time I also put on other events and host workshops. I teach photoshop, lightroom and creativity and composition courses. Contact Welshot to sign up for those courses.

If you're putting on a workshop and are looking for a host or some advice then please feel free to contact me.

Can I contact you?

Absolutely! I love hearing from people with comments, criticisms or compliments. I'm also happy to answer questions in email if you have them. Occasionally an email question gets turned into a show. Here's where you can contact me: