Artist or Geek?

I'm an artist trapped in a geek's body. I've been a techie my whole life but always wanted to exercise both halves of my brain. Understanding art doesn't come easy to us analytical types but I've found that the keys are to look at a lot of art and to make as much as you can. Simple exposure to great work will teach you and help you understand what you love. So my number 1 piece of advice is stop thinking about what art is and start making some. The more you make the better it gets. 

I started my career as a programmer and since then I've been a web developer, designer, printer, business owner and educator. I fell in to teaching through my love of photography and discovered that it's one of my very favourite things to do. Since then I've started teaching workshops, classroom sessions, webinars and recently I've joined Trey Ratcliff's new photography academy, The Arcanum, as a master. I also run weekly webinars for Macphun and in-person training with Welshot in North Wales. I live in the northwest of England with my wife and two small children.

I'm best known for teaching Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and I'm also an Adobe Certified Community Professional. I love to get stuff right in camera but it's rare that I'll publish a photo without a fair amount of post processing. I love colour and impact but I also have black and white phases where I love bringing out fine details and broad tonal ranges. Once the camera clicks that isn't the end of the process for me.

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