At last - I think I'm getting a handle on this thing. I must have tried every screen recorder available now and at least a couple of them wrecked my PC enough that I had to do a safe mode restart and rollback. Scary stuff. Anyway, for the moment I've settled on an AVI format created using HyperCam as suggested by Doug Turecek (I hope I got your name right) - thanks Doug! The idea behind the AVI files is that I'm looking into perhaps figuring out vidcasting sometime and making the tutorials available to subscribe to using an RSS feed. Anyone with advice or resources on how I go about doing that, please write to me at

So at last we have a new tutorial. Sorry I've not done the one you've all been voting for. I'll look at doing that one next. The current tutorial shows how to create the cross processing effect you can see in the HMS Belfast - Cabin Door image. It's a lovely effect, especially on low colour or high contrast images. I also cover how to make an action. New steps will be made available over the coming days. I've not decided on a schedule yet

As always please mail me if you have comments or suggestions on what you'd like to see covered or how things can be improved.