made it into the iTunes podcast directory today so as a special celebration I've decided to launch the final chapter of tutorial 2 early. In this tutorial I cover layer order and spot editing onto a new layer.

I'm still learning every day about how to produce these video tutorials. I've now registered the software I'm using to record them so starting with tutorial 3 you shouldn't see any ugly messages in the corner. And also starting with tutorial 3 you should hear a difference in audio quality. Thanks to the help of Ravsitar and Appu I've learned a lot about audio and video compression so my file sizes are smaller and hopefully the presentation is of a higher quality. Feedback on how things can be improved is always welcome, though, so please email me if you have comments.

Tutorial 3 will start next week and will cover the Cheshire Sky panorama you've been voting for on the home page. Those videos should include how to process multiple RAW files in Adobe Bridge, using 16 bit images, stitching panoramas using Autostitch, cropping, levelling, contrast improvement, colour enhancement and dodging and burning.