Today's show is the first of a two part tutorial covering the production of this ambitious night-time, long exposure, high dynamic range (HDR) shot of the Weir at Belper. I talk a lot about dynamic range and why you would use the technique. I then explain how multiple images are combined in photoshop to produce the HDR image. This shot is part of a collection of images I produced a few weeks ago on a short break to Belper in Derbyshire. I grew up in Derby and for many of my younger years I visited places like this. I'm making it my current project to build a portfolio of images of the places where I've lived. I believe it adds a third dimension to a photograph if it's part of a set that has a purpose and a story. So please take this Weir image in the context of the greater collection. You can view the whole collection (17 images) on Flickr - link below.