I believe strongly in giving positive feedback where it's due. You'll have heard me plug many companies and products like Wacom, ColorVision, Lensbaby. I've not been paid to endorse any of those products. I just happen to use and like them. But the converse is also true. I believe in giving negative feedback when it's due as well. Sadly today I've decided I won't be buying from 7dayshop.com despite having been using them occasionally since 2002. I feel I've had a slow painful purchasing experience with them this last few weeks and I found customer service surly and unhelpful. I won't bother going into the details but I did want to let people know. 7dayshop is a cheaper than other companies but in my opinion the pain of ordering from them more than offsets the money I might save. On the other hand I've had good experiences with warehouseexpress.com. Again, just to be totally clear - this is totally based on my own experinces with these two companies. Nobody has paid me to say any of this.