Like many of you I got the email today from Adobe saying that "something big is coming". This is the expected launch of Adobe Photoshop CS4 or, the latest version of our favourite photo editing package. Please note, though, that I have NO special knowledge about what features will be in CS4 but there have been a few sneak peaks. Some of the revealed features are:

  • Photoshop CS4 will use your 3D accelerated GPU to really speed up moving around and zooming your images as you work.

  • Photoshop CS4 can auto blend images shot at different focal lengths to merge them and give a greater depth of field. It literally finds the sharpest parts of each image and uses those to turn shallow depth of field macros into one complete image with a depth of field that would be unachievable using any modern lens.

  • Context sensitive scaling - this adds the ability to scale an image without distorting the important subject areas.

  • Photoshop CS4 adds the ability to stitch 360 degree panoramas.

  • Lots of new 3D applications including the ability to map that 360 degree panorama onto the inside of a sphere and then paint directly on the sphere.

Any more than that I do not know. I'll see if I can get an interview with someone soon though..