It doesn't seem like long since the last time but I've moved the PhotoWalkthrough site once again to new hosting. We're now hosted with Squarespace (not a sponsor, though I wouldn't say no based on the extreme ease of use and excellent functionality). The simple fact that I'm no longer going to have to keep the server software up to date in order to avoid hacks and spammers is worth the small monthly fee.

But in addition to ease of administration I've taken the time to reorganise and tidy up the tutorials. As you can see we've got all the tutorials going back to tutorial 1 all nicely categorised and linked into the menus. We've also got the various specials and quick tips shows separated out. Finally you can now search by category and tag by clicking Archive in the menu to the right. This will allow you to search by product or technique.

All shows will now play right here in your browser and they have download links directly below them. 

As usual I welcome comments and suggestions.