Have you been receiving PhotoWalkthrough episodes in your Podcast catcher or RSS reader lately? If not then chances are you're still using the old PhotoWalkthrough feedburner address. It seems like Feedburner has gone to grass so I've had to update the feed address. If you've seen episodes from Tutorial 18 then you're already subscribed to the correct address. If not then you need to update your feed subscription to the new address:


You should be able to paste that address into whatever program or website you use to view PhotoWalkthrough content and see all the latest shows including 16 episodes from Focus On Imaging 2010 and the first chapters of our latest tutorial on Draganizing a portrait. And don't miss the audio-only interview with Felix Kunze who's been working with an orphanage taking photographs in Haiti. If you've not see these yet you're really missing out!

So please do switch over to the new feed. There's lots of new content coming. I'm really coming back strong with new tutorials, reviews and blog posts plus coming soon you'll be able to download full HD versions of the tutorials without ads or interruptions.