If you've been watching PhotoWalkthrough for a while you'll know I believe in giving the show away for free. That's always going to be true but it doesn't mean I don't want to make some money from all my hard work. That's why I try to bring you promo codes from sponsors I believe in but occasionally people ask if there's a way to put some cash in a tip jar as well. I've resisted in the past but a new service has opened up called flattr and I really believe in the ethics of what they're doing. Let me explain...

The simple fact is that making content, especially video, is hard work. I believe that we should reward people's effort by being willing to donate a little cash from time to time. I don't mean we should pay for everything we consume on the internet - just the stuff that we love the most. In fact, why not simply allocate a small budget, say $2, for what we're willing to spend on "tip jars" every month? That's exactly how flattr works - a new company set up to help people donate small amounts to sites they love while keeping the total amount they spend within a budget. It's really simple, you sign up and put a little cash in your account there (just a couple of bucks) and then you can click flattr buttons to donate a portion of your funds to a site. You set a budget per month and that money is split between all the sites you clicked on in the month. Simple.

Flattr is in beta right now so signups are being taken slowly at first. I have a small number of invites, though, so if you're keen to get started just contact me and I'll hook you up right away.

Check it out at www.flattr.com and if PhotoWalkthrough happens to be one of the sites you choose to flattr - thank you. The flattr button for photowalkthrough is on the right of the page just below the navigation links.

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