Ever since I started making PhotoWalkthrough in 2006 I've wanted to design a logo for the show. I've tried many times  to come up with some ideas that represented photography, photo editing, art and science - all the things I think make up photography and my show in particular. I finally decided a couple of months ago to ask for help. I was a graphic and web designer for years before I was a photographer so it really stung admitting I needed someone else to do this for me but I did it and eventually hired Anthony from Motojournalism. Right from his first ideas document he came up with some stuff I'd never thought of that I really liked. To cut a long story short we finally settled on the curves dialog you see above with the brush stroke as an s-curve through it. The ideas and typography were Anthony's suggestions and we worked together a little on colours (which we agreed to pick from our background image) and usages (the text is actually a transparent cut-out in the white bar so you can see the image through it). We have versions of this that work as square format, black and white format and all the other possible usages we might need. Anthony did superb work and I absolutely recommend him if you need a logo design. Best of all, he put up with a very fussy and interfering customer. Thanks Anthony - you rock.

So having done the work to make a new logo the obvious next step was to redesign the website and now I'm launching this thing at last. There's more still to do. I'm going to work on improving the navigation - I've already made a start on that with the newly designed Tutorials page. But, <big breath>, it's live after many many hours of work!  I hope you like what you see. As usual I welcome feedback.