Yay, my iPhone SLR mount from Photojojo arrived today and I've been busily playing with it all morning. This wacky device lets me connect my SLR Canon lenses to my iPhone. I know - crazy right? My first instinct was to try using the 100mm macro with it so I hooked it up and headed for the garden. You can see the best of the resulting shots here.

So what do I think? Well first of all, yes this thing is real. it works. You can attach any Canon EF mount lens to it (Nikon version available too) and yes you really can get shallow depth of field pictures using this system. The first thing you'll notice, though, is that the pictures are upside down, which makes aiming the lens very tricky indeed and you'll need to rotate the images in post processing. There's also a big problem with dust spots because it uses a focusing screen to project the image from your lens onto and then the iPhone shoots a picture of the focusing screen. The screen picks up dust very easily and is very fragile so cleaning it is best done very gently with a lens cloth or using compressed air. 

The other problem with the focusing screen is that you can see the ridges on the screen in the pictures.  Check out the large versions of my pictures to see what I mean. In some cases I reduced the effect and in others I emphasised it. But in all cases it was there and quite easily visible at full size.

The device comes in 2 main parts, the jacket that fits onto the phone and then the DOF unit that screws onto the jacket with a 37mm thread close-up lens in between. The whole system is designed for 37mm threads so you can take the DOF unit off and add your own 37mm lenses if you wish.

Overall I found this a fun little device. With pro lenses on it's ridiculous looking, of course, and if you're going to carry big lenses anyway why wouldn't you just use your SLR? Valid points for sure but if you're just looking for something that's a bit of fun and you have $250 (ouch!) to spare then go ahead and get one. Personally I'll be getting a wide angle 37mm lens to attach to mine and using it for video, a bit like an OWLE.