Over the last couple of months I've been working through The Arcanum's induction process to become one of their newest Masters. The Arcanum is a photography and arts training academy with a rather novel approach. The idea is to implement a master and apprentice style of learning where a master chooses a small group of apprentices (usually around 20) and together they form a small, tight community of like minded people who learn from the master and from each other. This is community learning distilled and refined and it ensures that those who really want to focus on improving their photography can get direct support through advice, inspiration and critique. 

So if you're interested in joining up and becoming part of my select community then now is the time to sign up with the Arcanum. There is a monthly fee - prices for the various levels are posted on the Arcanum site. Remember, signing up doesn't guarantee you a place. A Master has to select you so you'll want to give decent answers to the questions on the signup form. Links to your work are also really important. If you'd like to be part of my community in particular then when you've signed up please also drop me an email to photowalkthrough@gmail.com and let me know to look for you in the lists.