A post WW2 Ikoflex Twin Lens Reflex camera recently came into my possession. It's stiff and hard to use. Early research indicated that it was intentionally troublesome with interlocks meant to protect the user from error but that complicated the whole process. I've never shot anything on medium format roll film before so I had no idea how this beast worked.

Fortunately a very good friend, Eifion WIlliams, from Welshot Photography Academy was visiting and he's second to none at figuring out how cameras work. So with the effort of a couple of hours we managed to get this beast taking pictures and so it was time to get some film and give it a go for real.

The results weren't as bad as I feared but not as good as I hoped. The spring in the shutter seems to have lost a lot of tension so the shutter drags and I've over exposed everything by at least a stop. But that's something I can account for on the next roll. The focus is a little fussy. More so because I was shooting my kids and they never keep still. But I do like the bokeh. Also there's a lot of dust and muck on the negatives. Probably that's from inside the camera. I'll need to try and blow that out next time I shoot. 

But to be honest I'm feeling pretty triumphant at having got anything worth using at all from a camera that is well over 50 years old and which probably hasn't been used for at least 30 of those. I've got another roll of film here...