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Lytro light field camera launched

At last Lytro have unveiled their Light Field Camera -

This is the camera that lets you focus your shot after you've taken it. They've picked an unusual design which will make it very recognisable. It's also surprisingly pocketable and affordable. It also seems to shoot square images - which should make it fun to compose shots with. 

Two models are available at launch, an 8Gb that holds 350 pictures and 16Gb that holds 750. Not sure how the maths work there. Apparently the second 8Gb can hold slightly more than the first. Anyway, the big bummer for me is that it's not available outside the United States so I guess I won't be getting my hands on one quite yet. 

It's available in 3 colours, red, blue and grey. Customers who signed up to reserve one will get theirs in early 2012 and at first you'll need to be using a Mac if you want to run the Lytro software. A Windows version is coming in 2012.