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Yogile makes collaborative photo collections easy

A new free photo sharing site just launched that makes it easy to share photos and make a collection with multiple contributors. It's called Yogile and it isn't just another Flickr or PhotoBucket. Signing up is a doddle and you'll automatically make your first collection. All you have to do next is hand out the simple URL or email address for your collection and your family and friends can upload photos too without even having to sign up.

So if you've had a wedding lately Yogile is a great way to collect pictures from all your guests. Just send everyone the URL or email address of your collection and everyone can upload their best pictures to your shared collection without even needing to sign up. There's a 100Mb/month upload limit and you can add a password if you want to keep things exclusive. The opportunities for collaborative collections is huge. Imagine collecting all the pictures from your latest photo walk, training course or family holiday.

You can try it out at or have a play with the PhotoWalkthrough collection at

Overall I like Yogile very much. Anyone who's tried to make a collection in Flickr and then get people to add their pictures will know how difficult that can be. Yogile makes everything much easier and there's even a handy slideshow view so you can sit back and enjoy everyones shots. There are a couple of features I'd like to see like a "download all" button, the ability to re-order the pictures and possibly even the ability to select a few shots in a collection and make them into a new collection. But as a brand new service I think Yogile gets the core features right and I look forward to seeing where they take it next.