I like what you do, how can I help out?

Thanks - I'm thrilled that you find PhotoWalkthrough useful or interesting. There are a few things you could do to help out:

  1. Buy a video! I have ad-free HD versions of some of my more recent tutorials available to buy. They're very affordable and you get all the chapters of a tutorial together end-to-end with no ads or interruptions in 720p HD video to keep and watch whenever you like. There's also no annoying copy protection.
  2. Buy something using one of my promo codes. My main source of income is from advertisers. When you buy something from a sponsor I get a small affiliate payment. If I'm not advertising something need then passing on my promo codes is also very helpful.
  3. Link to photowalkthrough.com on your website. Simple word of mouth is incredibly valuable. The more people who watch the show the more people see the ads and the more money I make. A web link from a photography blog is one of the single most valuable things you can do for me. That little bit of cross linking is worth a lot of google juice - it helps my page ranking and brings in more search traffic. I love making actual money from sales but a link to PhotoWalkthrough is arguably even more valuable to me.


I want to add a PhotoWalkthrough link to my site. Have you got any images I can use?

Heck yes! Thanks for wanting to link to PhotoWalkthrough. This is one of the single most valuable things you can do to help promote the show. I'm not kidding - this is a real biggie and I appreciate it a lot. Click the link below to find a whole bunch of Promo Images. Click on there and you'll find logos at loads of different sizes. Download them or link to them directly here on the photowalkthrough site - I don't mind.

All these images are released as Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share-alike. Feel free to tweak them and change them as much as you like to suit your site.

Can I show PhotoWalkthrough videos in my classroom or camera club?

Occasionally people ask if they're allowed to use PhotoWalkthrough shows in classroom training or camera club presentations. I'm delighted that you'd want to do that and yes you absolutely have my permission to show PhotoWalkthrough videos in those situations. All I ask is that you let the people watching know the video came from photowalkthrough.com and that they can find lots more free videos here. I'll even post you out some business cards or postcards to hand out to your audience if you like. Email me at photowalkthrough@gmail.com if you want me to do that.

You are welcome to fast forward through the intros and outros. I don't expect you to make the class watch the ads (unless you want to be super kind to me!). I'm also selling HD ad-free versions of my shows now and although those are meant for personal use I am OK with you playing those in a classroom setting as well. If you do, though, it's extra specially important to me that you don't give your students copies of the paid-for videos. If you want to hand out CDs or DVDs with copies of PhotoWalkthrough videos on them you can but please use the free versions of the shows - the ones with the ads in them.

How do you make money?

Because the shows are free there is usually a short ad included in the video. I choose my advertisers carefully and only advertise companies I believe in. I know you understand that it costs money to make these shows and host them so I know most people are willing to put up with the ads. In return I do my best to not make them annoying and to make sure you know when what I'm saying is an ad.

I don't make any money from including the ad in a show or from you watching it. I make money when someone actually buys something using one of my promo codes. If you like PhotoWalkthrough and want to help out financially please consider using one of my codes when you next make a purchase. If I don't have a code for something you need then you could re-post my promo codes to your friends or on your website.