Weston at Low Tide

Tutorial 1 - Weston at Low Tide

This is the tutorial that started PhotoWalkthrough off. I'd post processed an image that was intended to emulate some of Ansel Adams' style and some of you lovely people asked me how I'd done it. The easiest way to show you seemed to be to record a video.

In this final chapter of Tutorial 1 we finish off our image of Weston-super-mare with a vignette, some extra steps to even up the light in the sky and add some final brightness and contrast adjustments.
In today's episode we get down to the fun part of dodging and burning our image to add shape and direct the eye of the viewer. So far we've been giving ourselves the solid foundation we need to bring the image together. Now we add expression by painting with light.
This time on Tutorial 1 we take the same approach we did to the ground portion and apply it to the sky. Once again we're bringing the levels closer together by using lightening and darkening layers with layer masks.
In chapter 4 of Tutorial 1 we take a look at how the ground portion of the image was edited to bring the tones together with the sky and add focus and detail using darkening and lightening layers with layer masks.
Chapter 3 of our re-encoded and re-released Tutorial 1. This episode covers black and white conversion with a number of techniques for bringing out the details in your picture then finishes up with the best B&W conversion technique (at the time), the channel mixer. Please remember this tutorial was recorded when Photoshop CS2 was the latest version. This was before Lightroom and Photoshop's black and white adjustment filter existed.
Chapter 2 of the re-encoding and re-release of Tutorial 1. In today's show we look at darkening layers and lightening layers. We use them to bring the sky and ground levels closer together. We also use light to start to prioritize and emphasize the elements of the shot that are going to be most important for guiding the viewer's eye.
This is a re-encoding and re-release of our first ever PhotoWalkthrough tutorial. Since first starting the show your number 1 request has been to make Tutorial 1 available for download. Well I'm happy to deliver on that at long last. I'll release a show every day throughout tutorial 1 and then we'll be back to our regular shows. In this show we cover noise reduction, spot editing and layer masking.