Tutorial 11 - Wheelbarrow

In this tutorial we look at how to create a gritty high contrast style with blurred colour and sharp detail. We use LAB colour to create the effect then look at how to achieve the same effect using adjustment layers.

The final chapter in our Wheelbarrow series and some big new announcements including the release of Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta.
A little late but this week we look at vanishing points in our composition segment and then work on our wheelbarrow image to reproduce the same look as we did before using LAB but this time using RGB and non destructive layers. In depth coverage of layer groups, levels and curves with a smattering of B&W conversion.
Yay! We got a show out this week despite the fact that I'm still struggling with that dead server and the fallout from it. This week we apply what we learned last week about LAB colour mode as well as covering Negative Space in our composition segment.
Today we look at some new concepts that I've not covered before, namely colour modes and channels. Then I start messing around with some of the ways LAB colour mode can help us to improve our images. Also this week we look at repetition in our composition segment and there's news of the next Tips From The Top Floor Photography Workshop in Germany next May where I'll once again be co-hosting with Chris Marquardt.
At last - back to some normality. I hope you enjoyed our two unusual shows for the last couple of weeks. Today we start another proper image tutorial and this time I'm covering how to produce this very gritty style. To begin with, though, we spend quite a bit of time on composition and composition exercises. And just for added spice there's a little update on the Lightroom review as well. Enjoy!