Singer Island Sunset

Tutorial 12 - Singer Island Sunset

We start this tutorial by looking at a collection of images, scoring and selecting from them using Bridge. We then take an image into Photoshop where we work on the colours and light to really bring out the beauty of this early morning sunrise on the Florida coast.

This week we finish the Singer Island Sunrise image with more colour and light work, loads more layer masks, some dodge and burn and a vignette. Also this week we launch our newest competition in association with Wacom.
This week we do some more brush work on beefing up the colours in our photograph and improve the structure of the picture by strengthening the leading lines. We also pre-announce our upcoming competition and show off last week's entries to the Creativity Exercise assignment. And boy oh boy what a lot of pictures that was!
This week we get into editing the photo proper with a little spot editing, some colour adjustement and masking and then a little brush work. Also this week we take a slight departure from our usual composition segment in order to talk about a creativity exercise.
Starting a new tutorial and getting back in the saddle for the new year. This week we look at another collection of images and talk about how I chose the target image in Adobe Bridge then open and export it in Adobe Camera Raw. We also talk about Leading Lines in our composition segment, Martin Bailey's competition and a couple of new podcasts.