PhotoWalkthrough Promo Shot

Tutorial 13 - PhotoWalkthrough Promo Shot

We start this tutorial by looking at a simple way to shoot using window light. We then take our new PhotoWalkthrough promo image into Lightroom and Photoshop where we fix some colours, perform some spot editing and produce a variety of useful crops.

The final chaper in the Tutorial 13 saga. This week we make final edits to our promo image using Photoshop CS3 before taking our finished image back into Lightroom to produce various useful crops all from the same source image. Also this week we talk about Reflections in our composition segment. Music for the assignment entries is provided by Jimmie Bratcher with "Restless for the Sun".
This week we take a mad dash through Lightroom's Library module and look at picks, reject, scoring, choosing the images to work on, keywording and creating collections. In the composition segment we talk about shallow depth of field. Also this week we pre-announce plans for a UK PhotoWalkthrough Photography Workshop next spring.
This week sees the return of the composition segment where we talk about creative cropping. We then get started on Adobe's newest product - Lightroom. As usual we finish with the entries to last week's Advertising Shot assignment.
PhotoWalkthrough returns for its 50th show with some new tricks up its sleve. We're sporting a new size and frame-rate. We've got new graphics, listener comments, live video of your host and a brand new tutorial that shows you not just how an image was post processed but also how it was shot. Breaking a lot of new ground for PhotoWalkthrough. I hope you enjoy it.