Ophelia's Mother

Tutorial 14 - Ophelia's Mother

This fabulous layered underwater image by Jolene Monheim has a huge amount of detailed and complex work in it. Not for the faint of heart but deeply instructional.

The last chapter in tutorial 14 finishes the image off with some colour and light boosting layers. We also have a new composition segment about Silhouettes.
Today we announce the winner of the "Best of 2007" competition and we take the second to last step in producing the Opelia's Mother image. This time we tackle the very tricky reflections and use the warp tool together with some neat blending and layering.
This week we take another step with Jolene's Ophelia's Mother image and we see the welcome return of the composition segment where we'll be learning to get closer. We've also got the entries to the best of 2007 competition and I'll show you what I've chosen as a prize. The winner will be announced next week.
Back on track this week with a solid 15 minutes or more of video tutorial covering masking, adding depth with highlight and lowlight manipulation plus smart objects and a whole lot more. We also launch the PhotoWalkthrough "Best of 2007" competition with a magical mystery prize that I've not chosen yet. Music for this week's slideshow is provided by Mindy Smith and has a smooth Christmas vibe.
It's my first full show since our baby was born so little Catherine makes a brief appearance and then we're back to business with the next chapter in Tutorial 14 - Ophelia's Mother. We work with HDR images in Photoshop this time and I've replaced the composition segment with a quick Lightroom tip on cropping. And as usual there's the slideshow of the entries to last week's assignment set to some podsafe music. I picked the new Coconi track - Jewels cause "Light up" got great comments last time.
This week we have a monster show talking all about HDRs using HDRsoft's Photomatix Pro. We see the different types of HDR algorithm and how they can be used to make images with very wide dynamic range out of multiple bracketed shots. We use Tone Compression and the Detail Enhancement mode.
Today we continue Jolene's image, Ophelia's Mother, with some colou correction and contrast boosting. We then use the close stamp and graphics tablet to cut down on some of the image noise. In this week's composition segment we talk about s-curves.
This week we start processing Jolene's image, Ophelia's Mother, by removing the vignette from the housing and then repairing the missing part of the model's foot using clone stamping. In our composition segment we talk about the causes and uses of grain in your pictures.
Today we're talking to Jolene Monheim, the photographer that has become known for her amazing underwater artworks including the shot we'll be covering in the remainder of Tutorial 14 - Ophelia's Mother. In the interview we talk about how these shots are taken and conceived as well as the artistic decision that create the unique and distinctive style of her work.