Mow Cop Sunset

Tutorial 15 - Mow Cop Sunset

In this show we take a moment to talk about how to previsualize a shot and work towards that idea using both lightroom and lightzone. We do a lot of work on tonality and discuss the zone system and how lightzone uses it to help you make adjustments to your images. We then finish up by boosting colour and contrast in our image.

This week we have some happy and sad news as well as a brand new composition segment introducing a new creativity exercise followed by the final chapter in Tutorial 15.
The next chapter in Tutorial 15 features a lot of work on colours designed to bring out the light and sunset colours within the image. We also have a new assignment and a great new offer on the Drobo Storage Robot. We also have another cover version of a Howard Jones classic from band Audio1 to play us out during the slideshow.
Today we get around to some selective editing using Lightzone before taking the picture back into Lightroom for some colour and contrast work. We also have a new technique segment about reflected light and a couple more short photoshop express quicktips.
>On this week's show we delve a little deeper into LightZone's relight and zonemapper tools to add local contrast and punch to our images. We take a look at selective editing using the spline tool with feathering. We also have the first 3 chapters in a series of 10 short Photoshop Express tutorials plus the news, a new assignment and the entries to last week's assignment accompanied by a track from Noush Skaugen.
This week marks the start of a brand new tutorial covering an image that wasn't exposed well. We use Lightroom and LightZone to turn it into an image fit for the wall. We talk about previsualising the shot and working with tonality using the zone system. We also have a couple of worthy news items and a brand new assignment. Music this week comes from Fisher.