Tutorial 28 - Intensify Pro

Intensify Pro is a photo editing app and plugin for the Mac. It can be used stand alone or as a plugin to Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture or Photoshop Elements. A free trail is available from the Macphun.com website

Intensify is great for boosting detail, structure and colour in your photographs. It can take a dull looking image and really make it pop. It's something I'm very happy to have in my toolkit and I'm already working it into my regular workflow.

Mosi Science Festival-fullsize-clean-02.jpg
Mosi Science Festival-fullsize-clean-01.jpg

I've produced 3 initial videos showing what Intensify can do and giving my thoughts on its usefulness. In short, if you're a photography enthusiast with a Mac then I recommend you at least try the demo

Chapter 1 - Basics

Today we look at a brand new product from Macphun software called Intensify Pro. Intensify takes your image and boosts the colour, texture, detail and structure to really make it sing. It turns mundane pictures into awesome dramatic works of art. Ok maybe that's a little over effusive but it's a really great tool for adding interest to your photographs and it's set to become a regular part of my workflow.

Chapter 2 - Advanced

This time we take a deeper look at what Intensify Pro can do to make your photographs really pop. I start by showing you how to even out brightness using the HDR Soft preset. Then we use layer masks to change how the sky is processed. Next we do some traditional style dodging and burning using layers and layer masks and finish up with clarity and sharpening.

Chapter 3 - Detail Enhancement

In today's show I really get into how Intensify Pro's sliders can bring out every little detail of your image and how you can precisely control where you want that detail to go.