Tutorial 9 - Gun

This tutorial covers a beautiful image by viewer, Michelle Jones. This gritty styled black and white image, produced using Photoshop CS2, uses multiple layers, text, black and white conversion and some creative use of photoshop brushes.

Sorry it's a little late. I'm covering for someone who's off sick in my day-job at the moment so time is tight. But we got 'er done at last. This is the final episode of Michelle's Gun image and this week we add the little skulls that are hidden in the picture here and there. There are a couple of interesting applications of brushes and blending modes used there. And just for kicks I take a moment to show you layer comps as well.
I'm back from my week away and feeling great. Today we embark upon layer blending options and layer effects when we add the text layers to Michelle's image. A variety of interesting uses of blending modes and layer masks add lots of techniques to this show and once more I run longer than I intended. Someday I'm going to have to learn the tender art of editing. Or possibly just how to shut up.
Ok I know I promised to keep the show length down but I had so much competitiony goodness to tell you about this week that I kinda over-ran my 30 minutes again. Sorry! But on the bright side this week you get the chance to win a ColorVision Spyder 2 PRO in our first ever PhotoWalkthrough Challenge! The topic of the challenge is "Colour" and all you have to do to win is take a photo inspired by that topic, upload it to Flickr and tag it with "pwchallenge1".
It's another monster of a show. This week I over-ran to 33 minutes. Sorry about that - I'll try and keep it under 30 minutes in future. Lots of good stuff in there, though. Today I talk about brushes, especially how to load brush sets and modify your own brushes to get the effect you want. We use those brushes on Michelle's Gun image to add "grunge". I also take the time to go back over some more selection techniques that I missed out last week. Turns out I could easily do an hour just on making selections alone!
Well it's the longest, hardest show I've ever produced but at last it's here. This was a monster, taking over 7 hours from beginning of planning to the end of uploading. Today I start looking at Michelle's Gun image and we begin by looking at the many ways to make selections and how you can save and load those selections and then use them for selectively lens blurring your images.