EOS Webcam Utility Not Working: Behind The Scene & Solutions

It’s possible that the EOS webcam utility not working because the device you are using isn’t supported, or it could be that the EOS webcam utility thinks the device is not connected.

Cannon created and distributed the “EOS webcam utility.”

It is a piece of software that lets “EOS DSLR” owners utilize their cameras as webcams for video conferencing and streaming apps including Facebook Live, Hangouts™, Messenger, Skype, Slack, YouTube live, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Hangouts meet ™ and others.

It ensures that you make high-quality connections, have a proper camera setup, and get the most out of your webcam and streaming experience.

EOS Webcam Utility Not Working: Reasons & Solutions

For a variety of reasons, your EOS webcam utility may not function properly.

To every problem, there is a solution so when you see that your EOS webcam utility is not connecting to your device or perhaps it is suffering from some other problem, it is best to seek out an appropriate solution.

We would go over the many issues that can cause the software to stop operating, as well as the solutions that will assist you in resolving them.

1. Video lags and freezes

If you notice that your video keeps lagging and freezing, the usual reason for this problem is most probably the fact that you have your LCD screen closed.

This would hamper your EOS webcam utility from working as it should.


Activate the LCD. After you have done this, you will find out that the lags and freezes have gone away and the video is running smoothly again as it should.

Another reason that could cause your video to lag and halt could be the use of out-of-date firmware.

If this is your problem, the best solution would be to upgrade your camera’s firmware.

After you have completed the Firmware Upgrade, even with the screen closed, you could make use of your EOS webcam utility.

2. Black screen on the computer

After you have followed all directions, that is, installing your EOS webcam utility, and fixing everything up, you notice that on the Canon camera LCD screen everything is visible and working as it should but on the other hand, on your computer screen all you can see is black.

This infers that another app is using the EOS webcam utility software.

Because your Canon Camera can only function with one application at a time, if you try to stream while using other apps, the EOS webcam utility software may be unable to connect.


Shut off any apps that might be using the EOS webcam utility.

Another explanation for your computer’s black screen is that you forgot to remove your Lens cap.

This is a common mistake people could make.

So when you notice a black screen, first observe if you have removed your Lens cap. Remove the Lens cap, that could be the best solution.

3. Problem with Access

If you notice that you are not getting any videos and all you are seeing on your screen is an error showing the camera icon with a red warning sign, this can mean that it is connected but it is not being accessed by any webcam software.

It is possible that you have two software on at the same time, and since your canon camera works with only one software at a time.

The use of two software would hinder your camera feed from showing on the conference and streaming app or the browser you are using.

The issue could be that you have “EOS utility” software running which would inhibit your “EOS webcam utility” from working with your camera.

EOS Utility software is used to transfer videos and pictures, the use is quite different from the EOS webcam utility that allows us to make use of the Canon camera as a webcam instead of the use of a USB cable.


The solution to this problem is straightforward.

  • Make sure you close the “EOS utility software” and any other software that is likely to hamper the performance of the EOS webcam utility.
  • After you have closed the EOS utility software on your computer, go to the option, “start EOS utility automatically when the camera is connected”
  • Disable this function.
  • When you are sure that EOS utility is completely closed you can move forward to connecting your camera to the computer using the “EOS webcam utility.”

Restarting your PC

After you have closed down EOS utility software and you have stymied it from opening automatically and you have connected the camera and you see that the EOS webcam utility is still not working, the next option would be to restart your Personal Computer(PC).

Restarting your computer would most likely fix this particular matter since following this action resets all USB connections and other processes.

There could be a number of reasons why your EOS webcam utility is not working.

Before you find a solution, the first part to play would be to uncover the problem that is stopping your EOS webcam utility from working, and from there you can proceed.

4. The appearance of black bars

If you notice black bars at the sides of your video, this could be because you chose an incorrect shooting mode on your canon camera.


Click to see what mode your canon camera is on. If it’s not in Video mode, then switch it to that.

After you have done that, the video images would be normal and go back to how they should be.

5. Error with a Cable sign and Red “x”

When you take a look at your screen and you see a USB icon with a red X sign, this shows that your canon camera is not properly connected to your computer.

Now a variation of reasons could be the cause of this like,

  • Your USB cable not properly connecting at both ends.
  • Another problem could be that your camera is switched off.
  • Your battery being low or empty would also bring about that.
  • Problem with the cable: This could be the fact that without your knowledge, the cable you are making use of is damaged, or perhaps you are using it for the wrong function.

For example, you may be using a cable that does not support transfer and is only supposed to be used for charging devices.

Other reasons why EOS webcam utility is not working

Your camera can only work with one application at a time, so if you are making use of other apps, this may hinder your EOS webcam utility software from working properly.


The appropriate solution here would be to close up all the other apps that may be connected to the camera.

You should know that the EOS webcam utility is not inclined to be agreeable with all the conference and streaming apps out there.

So if your EOS webcam utility is not working with the conferencing app you are using at the moment, your best option would be to switch to another streaming or conferencing app, and if you ate using a browser switch to another one.

Sometimes EOS webcam utility requires the use of the desktop function on your browser before it works.

For instance, if you are using messenger on chrome browser while making use of the EOS webcam utility there is the possibility that it would not connect and would not be logged as a process on the device you are making use of.

So it would be best to make use of the desktop version. If you have switched to the desktop version and it is still not working, then you can try making use of another browser.

EOS webcam utility: What & Why?

You can use the EOS webcam utility software to convert your Canon camera to a webcam.

During your video conferencing, you should expect decent image quality and a strong connection.

The EOS webcam tool is a piece of software that allows you to convert your Canon camera into a webcam with ease.

It improves your connection with family, friends, business, and education through internet streaming, allowing you to get the most out of your videoing experience.

The interesting fact is that it turns your Canon EOS camera into a webcam with just a USB cord, which is an extraordinary characteristic.

The characteristics of the EOS webcam application

  • The EOS webcam utility software is compatible with different streaming and conferencing apps such as Slack, YouTube Live, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Messenger, Hangouts, Hangouts Meet™, Cisco Webex, etc.
  • It is possible to record locally while streaming.
  • More than 40 Canon cameras are compatible with the EOS webcam utility software.

EOS Webcam Utility Not Working: Step-by-Step Fixing Guide

Most Common FAQs

How come I cannot hear anything when I use the EOS webcam utility?

The lack of audio when using the EOS webcam utility is due to the fact that no audio comes through the USB connection when the EOS webcam utility is in operation.

When I access my video feed, why is there a tiny lag?

It is worth noting that the tiny lag has nothing to do with the EOS webcam utility software and is only a feature that should not cause you any concern.

You can alter how long you want the delay to be in your settings. This delay mechanism aids in maintaining audio and video synchronization.

Is the EOS webcam utility software capable of supporting numerous cameras?

The answer is No, EOS is not designed to be used with numerous cameras; it can only allow streaming from one camera at a time.

Is the EOS utility software capable of serving as a webcam?

No, the EOS utility software’s main purpose is to aid in transferring videos and photos, whilst the EOS webcam utility software is used to convert your camera into a webcam via a USB cable.

As a result, it is critical to understand that their duties are distinct.


It is possible that the EOS webcam utility isn’t operating because of a basic issue that can be resolved quickly.

The possible difficulties that could cause your EOS webcam utility programmed to cease working, as well as the solutions, have been examined in the preceding article.

This was done in order to aid you in better understanding and repairing your EOS webcam utility.

So when next your software is not working, just take a look at the problems above and see if it corresponds with the one you have.

After you have identified the problem, from there you can find the appropriate solution to your EOS webcam utility software not working.

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