How To Print 4×6 Photos On HP Printer: HP Printing Hack

How to print 4×6 photos on HP printer could be a hassle if you don’t know the proper guideline. This article will help you find potential solutions.

We will briefly discuss how you can perform that action because many people have trouble printing photos at this particular size.

To use the HP printer, the photo paper must be properly positioned in the input tray and the paper guides need to be adjusted for the photo to be successfully printed.

Once you have opened the picture on your computer, press Ctrl + P. When the print dialog box appears, select the photo paper size and click print.

Make sure the photo size is 4*6′′ and the paper size is 4*6′′. Your image is going to print successfully within a few minutes.

Nevertheless, if you still cannot print from your printer, you are either not following the correct procedures or your printer isn’t working properly.

Now let’s look at a detailed process for printing 4×6 photos using both a computer and a smartphone on HP printers. I’ll begin now.

How To Print 4×6 Photos On HP Printer From Windows Computer

There are certain steps one needs to follow before one can print any certain size of the photo on an HP printer.

In this section, we would tell you how to print from your Windows computer in a few steps. They go as follows;

Step 1:

Fill up the input tray of your HP Printer with photo papers. Remove any plain papers that may be in there. and load the paper by the short edge.

Step 2:

You have to become familiar with how to insert photo paper in HP printers. Based on the load tray’s position, the glossy or print side may be up or down.

Inkjet printers with rear-load trays will have the glossy side up, while those with front-load trays will have it down.

With LaserJet printers with front-loading trays, the print side should be facing upwards.

Step 3:

Adjust the paper width guides after you’ve put the paper. Allow them rest against the edges.

Step 4:

Before printing the photo, you can adjust its contrast, brightness, colors, and other settings.

Step 5:

Right-click the picture once you have finished editing and choose “Open with”.

You can choose either to open it with “Paint” or “Windows Photo Viewer”.

With Windows 10, you won’t have any options but “Paint” since the “Windows Photo Viewer” has been replaced by “Photos”.

Step 6:

Click on “File” and select “Print”. A dialog box with general print settings appears.

Step 7:

Customize the photo settings in the “Document Properties” window.

The Document Properties window provides additional options for printing 4 x 6 photo papers. Your printer may have different menu names and locations.

Step 8:

To achieve the best results, you can adjust the quality and color settings.

After following these steps, you will get your crisp clear photo within minutes. Once you have finished selecting the best color and quality for the photo, click “OK” and then “Print”.

How To Print 4×6 Photos On HP Printer From MacBook

If you need to have photos printed quickly, you can use your Mac to print them instead of waiting in line at the store.

Both glossy and matte photo paper can be bought from your local supplier.

Prints on these types of papers are acid-free and, if you keep them away from direct sunlight or you shade them with a frame, these prints can last without fading for 60 to 200 years.

Depending on what kind of paper and ink you use, they can last up to five years. To print using the MacBook, follow these steps;

Step 1:

Place four-by-six-inch photo paper in your printer. The photo will print on the correct side if you place it with the correct side facing up.

Step 2:

Ensure your printer is set up with a photo tray. This will smoothly move paper to print.

Step 3:

On your computer, double-click on the image you want to print. A photo editor will appear automatically.

The iLife package comes bundled with iPhoto by default on most Macs. So that may be the app where the image opens.

Step 4:

Access the toolbar by clicking on it. Click on the “File” and then “Print.”

Step 5:

To print the image, set the “Print Size” as 4 by 6 inches and click “Print.”

Step 6:

Disconnect the printer and remove the photo. If you have an inkjet printer, do not touch the ink until it has dried.

This is a trusted way of printing images from your MacBook. Let us know your feedback after a trial.

How To Print 4×6 Photos On HP Printer From iPhone

The question of how to print 4*6 photos from an iPhone on an HP printer is frequently asked.

The iPhone’s AirPrint feature is the fastest way to print photos from the device. Please make sure that your HP printer supports it before installing the app.

To use AirPrint, your printer and iPhone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi. Once that is done, proceed to:

Step 1:

Choose the photos you want to print from the Mac’s Photos app.

Step 2:

Choose “Print” from the “Share” menu

Step 3:

Click on the HP printer you want to use

Step 4:

Choose the appropriate paper size from the options (4*6 inches)

Step 5:

Then tap the print button.

These are the steps we normally follow to print from an iPhone successfully. You can try it out and see.

Types Of 4×6 Photo Paper For HP Printers

There are different varieties of 4*6 photo paper for different printing jobs. But how does one choose the right surface for your image when it comes to printing?

Here is our guide to different types of photo papers.

01. Glossy Photo Paper

The surface of glossy photo paper is very reflective, shiny, and smooth. Printing on this paper hive your image a high-contrast aesthetic and a slick appearance when not covered by glass.

02. Matte Photo Paper

The smooth and non-glare surface of this matte photo paper makes it another excellent choice for printing. Prints with matte finishes are often used to add texture to prints and have a lower contrast.

03. Lustre Photo Paper

In most cases, this type of photo paper is used to print wedding and portrait photos. Often pearl-like in texture, they have a slight gloss. Surface finishes range from matte to glossy.

04. Canvas Photo Paper

The fabric-like texture accentuates the decorative qualities of canvas paper. Canvas photo paper prints have a cloth-like appearance and are perfect for framing, scrapbooking, and offering as gifts.

05. Woven Photo Paper

With a glossy or luster finish, woven photo paper is varnished with resin.

Its fabric is a favorite for portraits, weddings, and professional photography due to its waterproof surface and woven texture.

06. Textured Photo Paper

Embossed with a variety of textures, textured photo papers provide you with a different printing experience.

Its Smudge-free surface, water resistance, and universal compatibility with Inkjet printers would make these sheets suitable for many photo printing gigs.

Tips for Protecting Print Photographs

The printed image remains valid and very useful despite the rise of digital photography. It can be viewed without a tablet, computer, or phone, and it is easy to travel with.

You can also preserve your prints for future generations by using good preservation techniques.

My experience has been that most photographers I have met appreciate having their work printed – and that their clients usually do too.

However, if you are still wondering why such a quaint, antiquated notion as photographic prints needs care and protection, here are a few tips to make sure your photographs are protected.

Keep prints away from direct sunlight

There should be no problem avoiding this one as it is pretty intuitive. As a result of photons in sunlight breaking down pigments and dyes in the prints, your photo prints will fade.

As a result, the reflection of light on the image changes. Consequently, the colors fade.

Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity

In your quest to protect photo prints, humidity and extreme temperature are your worst enemies.

Printed images deteriorate at varying rates in high humidity so you have to avoid high-humidity areas.

Consider Cold Storage

Consider lowering the temperature where you store photo prints that you wish to keep for an extended period.

Cold temperatures can slow the degrading process of a photograph, as they do with most chemical processes.

Keep prints away from air vents

The vents in your home can still be a route for dust particles even if you change your air filter regularly.

Particularly if you have recently renovated your home, or if your vents need to be cleaned or sealed.

By keeping your prints out of the direct vicinity of the vents, you will avoid having your prints damaged by dust particles.

Choose the right album storage method

Saving a few dollars for a photo album might prove short-sighted but it will result in images that will stand the test of time.

When getting a photo album, magnetic photo albums sometimes leave adhesive residues on the image, and vinyl albums can emit harmful fumes.

Rather than using PVC plastic, the American Museum of Photography recommends polypropylene pages as archival-safe.

Don’t bind photos with office equipment

I wouldn’t recommend binding photo prints with the stuff you can buy at Staples. Stapling and binding equipment may be suitable for all types of documents.

However, leaving these items on photo prints for extended periods may leave permanent marks on the prints.

You can store photos in photo-friendly containers

You can buy special archival boxes from Amazon or B & H. The materials used for the design are archive-safe.

These boxes have metal-reinforced corners so they can last for a long period.

You can also choose boxes made from polypropylene instead of PVC if you don’t want to pay for archival boxes for your large collection of prints.

Start archiving your photos

You might probably have a large collection of printed photos lying around.

The best thing to do is to start gathering them and keeping them in a secure environment. You can sort and label the ones you want to keep for storage.


How to print 4×6 images on my Computers?

The printer is equipped with a photo tray that can hold 4×6 photographs.

Using the HP Smart App on your mobile device is the easiest way to print photos once the photo paper is in that tray.

Select the photo you’d like to print, then choose the size after opening the app.

How to print images correctly?

Using genuine HP cartridges will usually resolve most print quality issues, but sometimes you might need to let the printer finish its automatic servicing routine.

Ensure the paper is the right size and that the print settings are correct for the print job, and clean the printheads and cartridges.

Can I print my photo from my MacBook?

Photos can be printed in several standard sizes, or custom sizes as well. A contact sheet print format also allows you to print over one picture per page.

The type of printing you can do depends on your printer’s capabilities.

How can I print a 4×6 photo without it coming out as a thumbnail?

The best way to get the print to look exactly how it is on the printing page is to check your printing settings.

Ensure you did not compress the image or select an image ratio that will alter the image’s look when it’s printing. If these don’t work, you can seek more help from the internet.

How to change image size?

You can change the image size from your printing setting page. The HP Imaging software also makes it easy to modify an image’s appearance or size when necessary.

What do I do if my printer doesn’t pick up the paper from the 4×6 paper tray?

A paper jam might be the cause of this but you have to check the back of the printer to confirm.

There may also be small pieces of debris left over from previous jams. Additionally, you can try unplugging and replunging the printer after 10 minutes.


The fact that you are here means you should know how to print 4×6 photos on an HP printer by now.

Whenever you wish, you can also make unique invitation cards by printing 4X6 images on greeting cards.

You can ask for more help on the internet or through HP customer service if you are still confused.

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